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Thymuline is a hormone produced by the thymus and it is believed to support overall immune function. Thymuline is used in the prevention of flu and colds. It is often recommended that Thymuline be taken during cold, flu, and allergy season. It appears that Thymuline stimulates the immune system to fight against both viruses and bacteria.

Thymuline is used as a Micro-Nutritional Homeopathic potency (animal product). (Homeopathic potencies accredit their strength and efficacy to the electromagnetic signatures of the original substrate; these are scientifically created dilutions and succussions of medicines such that generally not even a molecule of the original substrate or medicine is present in the medicine). As a Homeopathic or used simply as a micro-nutritional, Thymuline has demonstrated effectiveness against the following symptomology: organotropic derivative of thymus gland (Tetau).

Thymuline is an ingredient in the following product(s):


Attention & Focus Formula

Price: $40.69

Antacid & Systemic Alkalizer

Price: $31.99

Attention, Memory, & Stress Formula Pac
Price: $101.77

Cleansing Formula

Price: $31.99

Acne & Blemishes

Price: $27.09


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