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Humulus lupulus (Cannabaceae, Hops)

By the ninth century, Hops (which is also known as Humulus lupulus) was being used as the herb of choice in the brewing and preserving of spirits and ales, but for many years this particular herb was not used in brewing in England because curiously it was thought to instill melancholy. However, by the sixteenth century this belief was finally expelled from England, and Hops went on to replace ground ivy and alecost as the basis of flavoring and preserving drink.In Europe, this herb was used for its "clearing" capacities and was generally thought to be effective when chewed raw.

Humulus lupulus is useful today for making one relaxed and sleepy, being a useful sleep aid for those experiencing excessive sleeplessness. It has been used both internally and cosmetically, the latter acting to soothe one's muscles in a warm bath, relaxing taut, stressed muscle groups and generally lulling one off to sleep.

Humulus lupulus may be also used as a Homeopathic or used simply as a micro-nutritional ( botanical). (Homeopathic potencies accredit their strength and efficacy to the electromagnetic signatures of the original substrate; these are scientifically created dilutions and succussions of medicines such that generally not even a molecule of the original substrate or medicine is present in the medicine). As a Homeopathic or used simply as a micro-nutritional, it has demonstrated effectiveness against the following symptomology: -"Is a good remedy in unstrung conditions of the nervous system.. Nervous tremors...giddiness and stupefaction...morbid vigilance.. drowsy during the day." (Boericke) -"This remedy is indicated in nervousness and irritability with a disposition to think over the troubles. There are cerebral hyperemia, insomnia...and a dull, heavy headache with muscular twitching...There are dark rings around the eyes...It should be studied in sexual debility of the male." (Blackwood)

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Attention & Focus Formula

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Antacid & Systemic Alkalizer

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Attention, Memory, & Stress Formula Pac
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Cleansing Formula

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