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Donaea Muscitula Extract (Venus Fly Trap)

The common Venus Fly Trap, along with being an extremely interesting and unique plant, is also a novel phytopharmacon and appears to naturally manifest specific digestive powers, being able to reduce the mitosis rate of tumor cells, stimulate the parients of T-cell activity and the power of other white blood cells. Its extract has exhibited positive effects on primary chronic polyarthritis, neurodematitis, ulcerative cholitis, Crohn's disease and viral lesions. This is the plant from which the European cancer drug, (not yet FDA approved) Carnavora is extracted. Venus Fly Trap extract is used for a wide variety of conditions, from multiple sclerosis to herpes.


Attention & Focus Formula

Price: $40.69

Antacid & Systemic Alkalizer

Price: $31.99

Attention, Memory, & Stress Formula Pac
Price: $101.77

Cleansing Formula

Price: $31.99

Acne & Blemishes

Price: $27.09


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