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Adrenalinum (epinephrine)

Adrenalinum is a safe and effective Homeopathic medicine or potency which has been derived from epinephrine (sarcode adrenal derivative & synthetic). Homeopathic potencies accredit their strength and efficacy to the electromagnetic signatures of the original substrate; these are scientifically created dilutions and succussions of medicines such that generally not even a molecule of the original substrate or medicine is present in the medicine.

Adrenalinum is used effectively for the following symptoms: sense of thoracic constriction with difficult respiration; -acute lung congestion; -asthma; -hay fever; -serum rashes; -urticaria; -congestion of ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses (Boericke); "The main action of adrenalinum is stimulation of the sympathetic nerve endings." (Boericke) -autonomic dystonia; -states of exhaustion; -Addison's disease; adrenal exhaustion (Reckeweg). "The main action of adrenalin is stimulation of the sympathetic endings, notably the splanchnic area, causing constriction of the peripheral arterioles, with resulting rise in blood pressure." (Boericke) -"This remedy has been used successfully by Dr. Joussey in high arterial blood pressure and in arteriosclerosis; the most favorable results have been produced; roaring in the ears due to high blood pressure is often benefited by this remedy." (Dewey).

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Attention & Focus Formula

Price: $40.69

Antacid & Systemic Alkalizer

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Attention, Memory, & Stress Formula Pac
Price: $101.77

Cleansing Formula

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Acne & Blemishes

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