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An Adaptogen Extract to Help
Lower Cortisol Levels during Times of Stress

VÄXA Adapt is a dietary supplement containing adaptogenic extracts.

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Discovered by Russian Scientists, adaptogens are specific plant extracts that help control excess cortisol levels during times of stress. Cortisol in excess amounts is highly toxic and attacks muscle mass and organs, lengthens recovery time, and can weaken the immune system.

Since we now understand the extensive effects of cortisol on our body, it is understandable that managing your cortisol levels can support your overall health.

How were Adaptogens Discovered & What Makes an Adaptogen?

During the mid 1950's, the Soviet government chartered their Academy of Sciences with the task of developing a product that would enhance the performance of their elite athletes. The substance needed to support and normalize bodily function while also increasing resistance to stress. They studied, isolated and interpreted many plants documenting their ultra potent benefits and astounding capabilities. The scientists decoded thousands of plants and found 10 rare plants in a far eastern Russian area called the Primorye that fit their goals.

To be considered an adaptogen, plant extracts have to meet three key criteria. First, they have to be totally non-toxic to human cells. Second, they must support cells at a healthy state. Lastly, they need to help support the body as it adapts to stress. These plants provided the basis for achieving their three objectives as well as control the production of cortisol during times of stress. They coined the word Adaptogen for the plants that demonstrated those properties.

How is Cortisol Produced?

Cortisol is produced by stress. Stress triggers the adrenal glands to secrete the hormone cortisol as a response to any kind of physical or psychological stress. Since stress is a daily part of our lives and for the most part unavoidable; we all have cortisol in our systems.


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